Monday, June 29, 2009

Our truck went up in flames; In need of help

Friends, Family, Supporters and Fellow Intercessors,

A few days ago my 1996 Dodge Ram Pickup went up in flames (cause unknown at this point). Thank the Lord neither I or Reagan were in the vehicle when it happened. I had just parked it and went inside and 15 minutes later it was fully aflame.

Praise God we have full coverage and are waiting and praying as the insurance company does it's thing. In the interim, Reagan and I only have one car and work at two different locations a few days a week. Currently Reagan is still working full-time as Operations Manager for the Forerunner Media Group. She heads up this entire department, which is responsible for producing many cds that we all enjoy, including the Limited Editions (ihop prayer room-greatest hits). With this job she is still serving the mission base by only receiving a minimal salary, as do all operations staff and all full-time staff members. I am currently working 30-35 hrs a week driving an airport shuttle and am staying as involved as possible with the prayer room, but mainly I am focusing in the season on paying off debts and working on our marriage.

So we are choosing to give up higher paying jobs and incomes by being a part of the IHOP Mission Base (and gladly at that). We are also trying to be faithful stewards with our money while at the same time continuing to live by faith. We believe that prayer and fasting are essential and that all the rest of life should be built around communing with God in this way. We believe prayer and fasting help keep us close to Jesus and that is the most important relationship to maintain in all our lives.

While we are waiting for the insurance settlement we are in need of a car in the interim. Most likely for a few weeks (is my best guess). Also I am hoping and praying to take a trip to Nebraska tomorrow actually to see my 9 year old nephew's last baseball game (he is my best buddy in the whole world after Jesus and my wife).

So, we ask for your prayer support for our needs to be met and, where God moves on your heart, financial support. Our other car is a great running 1994 Honda Accord, which is getting up there and has been having a few things go wrong here and there. So we are praying for an upgrade in vehicles at this time, at least for a 2000 or newer replacement of our Dodge Ram.

Some ways you can help....

First, consider loaning us a vehicle temporarily.

if you have a vechicle you're considering giving away, please think of us.

prayerfully help us purchase a second, replacement vehicle.

Even to borrow a car for a week, at this point, would be a great help! Also, if you know someone with a good, quality used car or truck, please pass on their info. We would like a a small truck or car with some cargo space.

Thank You for listening to our request and helping us figure out a solution!

With love,

Todd & Reagan Loughry

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funny & Cool video of Luke n da boys!

My lovely wife cheered my night up with this video.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

this is only the beginning of the culture shift towards evil

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

The truth being exposed, awesome!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Matthew 24 in the news

Jesus said to "watch" be awake spiritual and to watch for the signs he described in Matt. 24, Luke 21, etc. and to most importantly pray.

"And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places."

Great article on increase of earthquakes and tornadoes, etc.

Today's headlines and prophecies from a few months ago

Government Warns of "Catastrophic" New Madrid Quake – 44M at Risk

a New Madrid earthquake is likely to be the costliest natural disaster the US will ever experience

related: New Madrid Overdue for Large Earthquake
FEMA: New Madrid Earthquake Preparedness is #1 Priority
New Madrid Region Urging Readiness for a Big Quake
Visions of New Madrid Quake
When the Next Catastrophe Strikes
Midwest is Ill-Prepared for 'the Big One'
Big Earthquakes Increasing

Another interesting tidbit:

FEMA deemed the training (for New Madrid "Big One") so important that it gave higher priority to only one other catastrophe it feared could occur. That exercise was held last year.
It involved a major hurricane hitting New Orleans.

Let us be praying for this part of the country as true watchmen!

Prophecy from a few months ago

(John Kilpatrick is the pastor from the Brownsville Revival and is a man of God and a man of prayer)

Pastor John Kilpatrick
Daphne, Alabama

Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Vision

As I was approaching the Daphne Civic Center for Sunday morning service at Church, I had a vision which lasted for about two or three seconds. In this vision, I saw the ground buckling before me. It was so real that I actually moved aside to avoid what I was seeing. I knew immediately that it was an earthquake, and the thought crossed my mind that the damages of this earthquake could have the potential to exceed those of Hurricane Katrina of 2005.


May 20, 2008

I awoke trembling at 5:00 in the morning after having a startling dream. This was one of the three most profound dreams that I have ever had during the ministry the LORD has called me to. I feel that this dream is an addendum to the vision I had on April 27, 2008.

I saw the words wind and water. I only saw the words but did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks. The dream then shifted, and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned school house. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around. My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clinch them to prevent this from happening.

In this dream I knew I was experiencing a massive earthquake. The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought crossed my mind that the devastation could likely exceed Hurricane Katrina of 2005. I did not see the devastation behind me, I only heard it. In all of my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. These were the scariest sounds I have ever heard. The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the other Europa.

I researched the internet and contacted some close friends in the ministry and reliable intercessors concerning this dream. What we found was startling. There are towns called Indianola, IL, Europa, MO, and Indianola, MS. These towns run in a line from North to South with Europa, MO being near the middle of them. The Mississippi River runs between them with Europa, MO being by the epicenter of the New Madrid fault. After seeing this, I believe the dream could be concerning a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid fault.

God gave me this as warning to prepare us for the days ahead and to pray concerning this matter. I did not see any time frame as to when this may happen.

And it continues...

In addition to the Christian version, Warren has an expanded inclusive version of the P.E.A.C.E. plan that has drawn support and praise from political and religious leaders and celebrities worldwide.

At the 2008 World Economic Forum, he declared, "The future of the world is not secularism, but religious pluralism...." Referring to the ills besetting the world, he declared, "We cannot solve these problems without involving people of faith and their religious institutions. It isn't going to happen any other way. On this planet there are about 20 million Jews, there are about 600 million Buddhists, there are about 800 million Hindus, there are over 1 billion Muslims, and there are 2.3 billion Christians.

To accommodate working with people of all faiths Warren has revised the "P" in his P.E.A.C.E. from "planting evangelical churches" to "(P)romoting reconciliation" and the
"E" from "equipping [church] leaders" to "(E)quipping ethical leaders."

Warren has elsewhere acknowledged his practical shift to pluralism: "Who's the man of peace in any village--or it might be a woman of peace--who has the most respect?...They don't have to be Christian. In fact, they could be Muslim, but they're open and they're influential, and you work with them to attack the five giants [to which he has added global warming]." He quotes a secular leader who affirms what he's doing: "I get it, Rick. Houses of worship are the distribution centers for all we need to do."

Warren has joined the advisory board of Faith Foundation, established by former British prime minister and recent Roman Catholic convert Tony Blair. The Foundation's goal is to further understanding and cooperation among the six leading faiths: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jewish. How does the Cross fit into this ecumenical gathering? It doesn't. Critical to achieving that ecumenical goal is the elimination of the problem of exclusive religions, a concern articulated by one of the World Economic Forum panelists: "There are some religious leaders in different religious faiths who, in seeking to affirm their own faith and its authenticity and legitimacy...deny other people their faith with its legitimacy and authenticity. I don't think we can keep going like this without...spawning the kind of hatred we are all here to try and solve. I think it's up to us to hold the clergy's feet to the fire of whatever faith. That we insist that we affirm what is beautiful in our own traditions while at the same time refusing to denigrate other faith traditions by suggesting that they are illegitimate, or consigned to some kind of evil end."